Why use a buyers agent for investment property / primary residence

At CohenHandler, we find it very difficult to understand why 99% of people engage a sellers agent, and less than 10% engage a buyers agent. Why do large majority of people need help to sell and not to buy?? We believe we help provide a very effective service and holistic property solution to achieve extraordinary results.

The process involved with buying property for investment is not easy, it requires skill and strategy to execute effectively so engaging a professional i.e. buyers agents is extremely important we believe.

In Sydney, CohenHandler exists to represent the buyer to provide an overall property solution to help- achieve effective outcomes. Research is a critical element that CohenHandler use to support it’s findings and help all property consultants work alongside their clients.

CohenHandler’s purpose of existence is to deliver innovation, simplicity and reward to any person looking to purchase property.

CohenHandler was established to represent the buyer with respect to research, strategy and acquisition of property. We believe buyers are mis-represented in the marketplace – we therefore provide a simple property solution to achieve extraordinary results whilst providing first class service.

The CohenHandler brand challenges the status quo, we are redefining the way property is purchased in Australia and internationally. CohenHandler represents innovation and believes it will have an instrumental effect on society through our property service offering.

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