Why do so many investors get stuck after their first investment purchase?

It’s surprising to see that only 0.9% (not even 1%) of individuals that own an investment property hold 6 or more properties. According to the ATO data, 72.8% of individuals that owned an investment property only have one property in their portfolio.

This raises the question as to why do so many investors get stuck after their first purchase?

Could it be serviceability issues, limited equity, bad experiences or simply because we are all so time poor and have no time to research the market in its entirety.

Working as a Buyers Agent at Cohen Handler, Felix understands that time is the biggest obstacle investors are faced with when trying to build an investment portfolio, “we get caught up in our day to day activities and have no time to look for properties”.

Investing in the right Buyers Agent is paramount to developing a knowledge and understanding of what is needed to build an investment portfolio of 6 or more properties. More importantly, having the right Buyers Agent that understands your needs and objectives can help eliminate your research time by short listing property that will suit your brief.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you had a trusted Buyers’ Agent on your side sourcing properties whilst you enjoyed life?

If you wish to buy back some time to support your future, contact Felix Taing our trusted Investment Specialist at Cohen Handler 0412 097 661. [email protected]

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