Which of these coastal regions could be your next home?

Which of these beach-side suburbs is the best for you?

Choosing the best place to buy can be tricky, but taking the advice of a buyer's agent can help you make the right decision. How might you go about doing that?

Take some inspiration from the list below, you might find that your personality matches up very well with one of these popular locations:

1) St Kilda East

Melbourne is one of the most cultural cities in all of Australia, boasting a large number of art galleries, museums, sports stadiums and street performers scattered around the place. Outdoor performances and street art such as graffiti gives Melbourne its colour, and that's fantastic for art lovers.

According to Study Melbourne Australia, there are more than 200 different cultures in the city, which makes it an incredibly diverse region. There are more than 230 languages spoken and 100 faiths being practised, so no matter your background, you're sure to feel at home in Melbourne.

Just south of the CBD is the suburb of St Kilda East, which is home to Theatre Works, a creative hub for the performing arts, and the St Kilda Marina which is where some of the most luxurious boats in Victoria can be found. So, if you're a part of the 850,000-strong crowd with registered boats in the country, according to the Boating Industries Alliance Australia, then the St Kilda Marina is only a five-minute stroll from the St Kilda CBD.

Residex data states that the median house price for St Kilda East is $1,307,000, which is well within reach for many people willing to talk to their mortgage brokers. For a more affordable option in the suburb, Johnson Street properties are more around $900,000 and at the other end of the scale lies Vadlure Avenue, which is closer to the $3.5 million mark. There's something for everyone in St Kilda East, particularly for those arty and boating types.

2) Torquay

Sticking with Victoria, but moving a little further south of Geelong, Torquay is a fantastic option for those among us who love to get into the outdoors and be active. For a start, Bell's Beach is nearby and one of the best surf beaches on the entire planet. The Rip Curl Pro has been visiting the beach for a number of years now, and in 2016 will run from late-March to early-April. In 2015, Australian favourite Mick Fanning won the competition, and this year, you could be among the action if you act quickly.

Regardless of whether or not you're a professional surfer, getting out into the waves for a bit of fun is a great way to stay active. If the beach isn't quite enough to convince you, there are plenty of ranging areas for you to walk around, and getting the sand in between your toes is a classic Australian feeling.

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Torquay properties are also typically more affordable in some regions. Residex finds that the median house price in the town is $646,000, but the cheapest streets are closer to $400,000, while buying on the beach will set you back close to $1.5 million. Torquay could even be a great getaway house for the family to use and remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities.

3) Bondi

One of the most iconic regions in the whole country, Bondi is an attractive location for many people.

Rich in culture and history, Bondi has a diverse range of residents – from musicians to "golden oldies" and artists, according to atbondi. There are a large number of cultures here, and we haven't even touched on the world-famous beach where you can catch gentle waves or go further out for the more serious variety, all while catching the beautiful Bondi sun.

"The old-style community at Bondi which was very much centred around the surf clubs, a very 'blokey' sort of culture, has certainly changed but there is a relatively coherent sense of community amongst newer residents," said Paul Pearce, the Waverley mayor. You'll fit right into the welcoming culture in Bondi.

In terms of premium properties, Bondi boasts the highest median house price on this list, at $2,090,000 according to Residex. The most affordable patches of real estate in the region will go for closer to $1.6 million, while a property on the famous Flood Street is going to cost more than $3 million. While these properties might be at the higher end of the buying scale, there are many benefits to living in Bondi, not least of which is the warm feeling of community that you could walk right into.

Feeling like your inner beach-goer is raring to own property in one of these lovely locations? Talk to the team at Cohen Handler and find out about how the services of a buyer's agent can help you to find the right house. They'll walk you through the whole process, even attending an auction for you.

Take the step, and buy a house on the beach in St Kilda East, Torquay or Bondi.

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