Make the right move to Australia with a buyer's agent.

What would moving to Australia mean for your family?

When you are wanting to move country, there are a huge number of considerations that must be made to make sure you’re making the right decision.

If you choose Australia, you can rest assured that you are doing the best thing. But why is Australia so accessible to international families?

A multicultural nation

You could potentially set your family up in a very nice house and only pay a small amount for it.

The municipality of central Melbourne alone is home to approximately 122,000 people, of which 38 per cent speak a language other than English, as stated in the City of Melbourne Annual Report 2014-15. In fact, 121 different languages are spoken and there are 138 separate cultural backgrounds. No matter where you hail from, finding a home in the city will be easy, and finding a fantastic community for your family is a sure thing.

Domain Group lists the median house price of Melbourne as $719,486, which showed growth of 14.5 per cent over 2015. While the wider city is increasing in terms of house values, there are still opportunities for affordable renting. The CoreLogic Housing Market and Economic Update for February 2016 lists Melbourne as having gross rental yields of only 3 per cent, which means that you can set your family up in a very nice house and only pay a small amount for it.

This could also be seen as good news for investors however, as while the rental yield figures stay low, the market for investment could be seen to reduce. This could leave open spaces around some otherwise competitive properties. If you are looking to add a page to your portfolio in Melbourne then keep your eyes peeled for a bargain that could show great returns in the future.

Asking for help from a buyer’s agent in Melbourne will help to simplify this process, as whatever specifications you provide to the team at Cohen Handler will be met as closely as possible. Finding the perfect property in the city could be a breeze – you don’t even have to be in the country.

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The sunny side of life

If your family is more suited to the sunshine and constant heat, then looking further north than Melbourne might be more up your alley.

Queensland could be your cup of tea, and looking at a growing city such as the Gold Coast is a brilliant idea. The median property value over 2014 increased by 10.7 per cent, according to the Valuer-General’s 2015 Property Market Movement Report. The Sunshine State has golden sandy beaches and world-renowned surfing breaks, so your family will be able to enjoy the sun and the sea whilst residing on the Gold Coast.

What’s more, the City of Gold Coast Economic Development Strategy 2013-23 projects that the gross regional product, or the standard of living, will increase over the 10-year period by 18 per cent. That’s good news for parents wanting to give their children the best start in life. A 23 per cent improvement in employment rates also means that more jobs will be created in the region, so moving country doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful if you don’t have a career lined up immediately.

More affordable properties in the city mean that Brisbane is a fantastic gateway into the Australian property market.

A little further north is the Queensland capital city of Brisbane, which Domain Group lists as having a median house price of just $511,361. CoreLogic reports that Brisbane capital gains on houses over the past 12 months is 2.6 per cent, but that figure improves over a 10-year period to 3.8 per cent. While that number is moderate compared to the Melbourne number of 7.4 per cent, the more affordable properties in the city mean that Brisbane is a fantastic gateway into the Australian property market.

Even if you’re not looking at purchasing a house initially, Domain Group finds that the median unit price in Brisbane decreased over 2015 by 5.3 per cent to $359,965. That’s almost half the cost of a unit in Sydney!

Making the smoothest move

Australia is a fantastic nation, and finding a home in Melbourne, Brisbane or even Sydney can be made so much easier by employing a property agent from Cohen Handler. Removing the need to travel to the country to inspect houses and even bid at auction means that you can focus on making sure everything is organised at home.

A buyer’s agent can take any information you provide and find a house that is sure to please. Whether you have young children, teenagers or parents living with you, specialist property buyers can ensure that whatever house you purchase will be very functional for your entire family.

Even better, they can attend auctions and increase your chances of getting the property you want by utilising their industry knowledge. St George Bank research found that 62.1 per cent of people did not have a clear strategy in place when bidding at auction, but the same will not be said for your property agent.

Rest easy knowing your family is in good hands when moving to Australia, and talk to the team at Cohen Handler.

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