How are you keeping up with modern trends?

What modern trends should you be looking for in a new house?

Style in a property is of the utmost importance to some – especially when it comes to feeling comfortable within your own four walls.

Some prefer the older, traditional styles that focus on comfort, warmth and functionality. None of those elements are lost in the more modern styles, however, and some will be adding serious value to your property.

If you're looking to buy a property as an owner-occupied residence, then you'll most likely be after something that you feel comfortable and relaxed in – modern styling might just be for you. Even for investors after capital gains, there can be some serious benefits to an updated, modernist scheme. What should you look out for?

First impressions are key

Walking up to a house gives you a first impression that is likely to alter the way you see the property overall. For family and friends, this might be important, as a buyer you'll want to inspect the house and be impressed from the get-go, and as a seller, presenting the house to other buyers in an attractive and appealing condition gives you the best chance of making a deal.

That's why having a clean and modern facade is a great idea.

Houzz suggests that having a fully blacked-out exterior "oozes urban cool", and that's just the sort of thing many buyers are looking for. Black is not only easy to look after, but it can really stand out from the crowd. That might seem counterintuitive, but often the most understated styles make the biggest statements. Removing colour forces the eye to focus on design alone, and if you are looking at buying a home, then modern design will mean you can keep up with the rapidly moving market if the time comes to sell a few years down the line.

Domain Group also reports that a clean and updated facade can add anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000 in value to a property, so if you're looking for a place to renovate, focus on the front first!

Kitchens make a home

Quite often, the kitchen is a central part of any home because that's where the delicious food comes from and entertainment is centred around.

A modern and spacious kitchen means your meals will always be prepared without stress – and healthy living can be encouraged by green design. If you come across a home during your buying journey, ask your Cohen Handler buyer's agent for advice on whether or not a particular kitchen space has potential to be renovated and improved drastically. This might allow for fantastic capital gains, or even give you the opportunity to add your own personal touch to one of the most important parts of your property.

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It's commonly thought that both kitchens and bathrooms should be updated every 15 years – this keeps you in touch with modern technology and water-saving techniques that can cut running costs of houses, and that is perfect for families.

If you find a home that has a recently updated kitchen then it might cost you more to buy, but also won't need to be done again for a number of years. If you then want to sell a few years later, installing a new kitchen might bump up your capital gains somewhat. Buying a property that needs updating, on the other hand, means that if you renovate and sell down the track, it may well not require further work.

Modern kitchens are enticing to buyers, so keep your buyer's agent on hand to give you the right advice in case you form an emotional connection with a kitchen in a poor growth suburb!

Home decor to please a buyer's agent

A well-presented house can make all the difference to a property inspection, and home decor is a major part of this. From couches to entertainment suites to the bedroom layout, you can't go wrong with modern furniture and principles.

Modernism dictates that you utilise as much space as you have available while also ensuring you don't clutter a room unnecessarily. That means you should see floor space while not missing out on amenities such as couches and tables.

One such feature that is coming back into fashion is the Chesterfield sofa – perfectly bridging the gap between traditional and modern styles. These can look inviting and grand, and if paired with a glass table and a medium-sized rug, will bring a modern space to life. Any range of colours are available nowadays, and the clean lines will ensure the timelessness of your furniture for years to come.

If you specify to your buyer's agent that you want to purchase a modern property, one of the things they will look for is how your home decor will fit in. If they inspect a property that already has modern furniture present, it will be much easier to envision other personal options.

If you're looking to get into a modern property of your own but don't know where to start, get in touch with the team at Cohen Handler. They'll know what you're looking for.

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