What does your dream home look like?

What does your dream property look like?

When you're a kid, there are so many thoughts that run through your head about what kind of house you'll live in when you grow up.

Some wee ones imagine a life spent underwater, while others would prefer to live in the lofty heights of a highly functional tree-house. Whatever your dreams were as a child, it's likely that you've come a long way since then and made your mind up on a more realistic ideal. What does that look like for you?

What does your dream home look like now?

We've recently gone over some of the ways a property can be styled or decorated to entice buyers into moving in. Pulling all of these ideas together, below is a list of some of the more extravagant property ideas that you might find around Australia. If something really catches your eye, have a chat with a buyer's agent from Cohen Handler – they'll know just what to look out for, both on and off the market.

1) Striking home decor

Few things make a property stand out to potential buyers more than the appearance of the interior. It can be traditional and warm, or modern and sleek, or anything in between. For your own dream home, though, what suits your ideas the most?

According to IBISWorld, the furniture retailing industry in Australia is worth $8 billion annually. That just goes to show how popular this part of the home is to so many people, and when you spend so long entertaining and lounging around on these items, it pays to have great quality at the top of your list.

You could have all of the best, coolest furniture in the world, but without a home that suits the aesthetic, it really won't feel like it fits. Picking a colour scheme and finding the right contrasting hues is a great start. There's even a way to make the whole look work and be functional at the same time, it just takes a little bit of research and consideration. Does the look below make you salivate at the thought of a new lounge area?

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2) Light your dreams up

When it comes to entertaining and throwing the odd dinner party, you'll need to have lighting that not only works for the space you're in, but also looks great and is an addition to your aesthetic.

Domain Group suggests that a style really finding its feet this year is the use of shiny, metallic items. Exposed pipes and pieces of equipment in the kitchen are a simple way for this to be achieved, although a modern and striking feature is lighting – it's also very unique and will be a fantastic talking point in any situation.

IBISWorld reports that the Australian electrical lighting industry is worth $820 million in annual revenue. While that doesn't seem like a lot compared to the furniture industry figure stated above, it's worth remembering that once lighting in a house is installed, it's not really thought about for at least a substantial number of years. To go along with the shiny surfaces, add some modern LED lighting to really make the room sparkle. LED bulbs are also up to 75 per cent more energy efficient, according to the Department of Energy, and that will be attractive to just about anybody.

Your dream home could be equipped with something a little fancy, and metallic to boot.

3) Front of house makes all the difference

Domain Group states that one of the factors that adds the most value to a house is the facade. When you walk up to any house, whether you're looking for your dream one or visiting a friend, it's always the first thing that you see. Therefore, your first impression is based on the style of the facade, and it also happens to be the most important thing for street appeal. If you want a property to truly stand out from the crowd, a fabulous house facade is something that you should be looking for.

Dark colours and unique shapes and design features are all being thrown about at the moment, but the odd property makes them all work together in an attractive harmony. The addition of a different texture, as seen below, can also be a point of difference and will be something that ages extremely well.

Find a classic facade style that works for you and your dream home, and describe it to your buyer's agent. It could be something modern and unique, or traditional and welcoming. The choice is yours – it's your dream home, after all.

Get in touch with the team at Cohen Handler to see what options they'll have for you. Buying the home of your wildest dreams might not be too far away.

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