What will your first impression be when you walk up to your new home?

What does a first impression tell you about a home?

When you've built up the motivation to spend almost an entire lifetime's worth of savings on a home deposit, you want to be getting into something that really sticks out to you as the right place.

With a buyer's agent from Cohen Handler, you've got the chance to have an industry professional doing the legwork and the research for you – it's something that takes a huge weight off your shoulders. What it does mean, however, is that when you go and view the place for the first time, you know very little about it, other than the fact that it meets your specifications.

That's why the first impression is so important. If you have a bad first impression from the home you're being shown from the outset, it's unlikely that you'll be able to move past that feeling.

What should you be looking out for?

As much as a buyer wants to be seeing fantastic things the first time they view a home, the seller will want to be highlighting the positives, while minimising the negatives. It might be warped floorboards that are hidden underneath a rug, or something as simple as only allowing a viewing at night so as not to show the true state of the garden.

The Art of Manliness suggests that making a great first impression isn't just about having a clean place – it needs to look like it's been lived in, or at least show how it could be lived in. For example, a buyer isn't going to want to walk around a home with no idea how they're going to make it work for them. They're going to want to see how the current owners make it work, and that means showing a realistic home.

With kids toys, they could be stored away, and the buyer will be able to see how their own belongings are able to be taken out of the main living spaces when required. The same goes for the couches and kitchen appliances. There shouldn't be crumbs and bits of food left out, but as long as you can see that there's more than enough room to store all of your appliances, then it's a great step toward having a positive first impression.

So, while sellers shouldn't be showing off their clutter, it's a good idea to look out for ways that you can actually make your own life fit into the home.

It'll be worth your while to take a long look around the place before you do form a lasting impression.

According to Mind Tools, it takes only three seconds for someone to make an impression about another person, and while a home might not be too different, it'll be worth your while to take a long look around the place before you do form a lasting impression. Keep an open mind!

Movoto suggests that buyers actually find it hard to not make a first impression quickly, so sellers are going to be doing everything in their power to show off their place in the best possible way. It might be sprucing up the garden path that leads to the front door, or even planting new bushes around the entrance that give it a more natural and open feel. Whatever it is, when sellers make an effort, it's usually a good sign, and you can see the ways your potential new home could be improved even further.

Why is your first impression so vital?

In the current Australian market, there is so much competition out there for that perfect property, that many buyers are being forced out, or at least being made to settle for something they wouldn't otherwise want.

That's exactly what a buyer's agent will look to avoid. This purchase will be something that you have in your life for many years to come, so getting it right is vitally important.

Realty Times puts forward the idea that in this digital age, a buyer's first impression might be of the backyard or the surrounding area from a Google Street View perspective, but that doesn't mean the first time they walk up to a front door won't impact their opinion.

The plot of land might be incredible, and the backyard spacious and well landscaped, but if the front is left to grow out and is not maintained, the first impression will not be a positive one. It can be immensely difficult to come back from that, which is why it is so necessary for sellers to show off their homes in the best possible way.

This is great for both parties, as a nicely presented house is going to draw in more potential buyers, and it will also show them how gorgeous it could be as their own place. This can be helped in a number of ways, too. While the seller has been living in the property, they will have made their own changes and additions. However, if too many of these are left around, such as photographs and decorations, it can be tough for a buyer to visualise their own belongings filling the spaces. A savvy seller is likely to attract a savvy buyer, and a savvy buyer uses a buyer's agent to give themselves the competitive advantage.

If you just want to blend in and not be too disruptive, then a bright pink apartment block may not suit.

A buyer should also have their own personality in mind. If you're someone who appreciates bold colours and being unique, then having a home that looks exactly the same as everything else in the neighbourhood probably won't make you feel too flash. On the other hand, if you just want to blend in and not be too disruptive to the overall character of the street, then a bright pink apartment block may not be your cup of tea.

Realty Times goes on to state that bold colours are great for accents around the exterior of a home, but might not be right up everyone's alley. If you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, then you'll want to at least be able to see how you could alter the exterior design and colour to make yourself feel more comfortable. A well presented home that gives a good first impression takes this factor into account.

How can a buyer's agent help with first impressions?

As a professional in the industry, a buyer's agent from Cohen Handler is going to be on the hunt for a home that matches all of your requirements and specifications. No matter how picky you are, they'll be able to find a home that fits your bill, and even handle the negotiations on your behalf if you desire.

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That list of needs can include having a modern facade, or even a tropical garden surrounding a driveway. Whatever you want to see when you first roll into your home viewing, your buyer's agent will make sure your first impression meets all of your expectations.

You might have been looking for months and months without any luck, but a buyer's agent who knows the region well from years of experience is going to bring together a list of possibilities in just a few weeks that could be your next purchase. That'll save you time, and could get you into a place that you never thought you'd be able to find.

First impressions can be so difficult, but a buyer's agent from Cohen Handler will make sure all of the homes you visit are ones you leave feeling good about.

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