TOP Property Management Applications




With today’s digital revolution we thank all the creative minds for constantly developing amazing products to help us enjoy and perform better in our day-by-day activities. As buyers agents we understand how difficult it is to be aware of all the property changes, and as property managers we have a clear idea of how hard it is to organize schedules, do the inspections, have a constant register and monitor all your properties at the same time. For this reason we have developed a short list of some of the TOP iPad and iPhone inspection apps available to help you make your job easier:


This application will not only help you organize your inspections schedule but will also make the report process easier and more efficient by condensing all the essential inputs into only one tool (Property Portfolio, Photo gallery, Owners and tenants contacts details, previous reports).

Extra feature: This app will also allow you to brand all your reports for a more professional look.

Inspections App

This application is a very useful tool not only for inspectors but also for Councils, Real estate agents, and Building agents. Some of its main features are: Property check list, property inspection record; creation of service reports, quotes and invoices, and a final report in pdf format.

Tap Inspect

With a package subscription this software  (Compatible with tablets and mobile phone devices) allows you to choose the service kit that better fits your needs. With a direct link to Google Maps, you have access to the exact place of your next inspection, have all the contact information, customize the inspection fields according to each property, and run and publish the final report on a web secure system.

Extra feature: This app will allow you to track the report views and downloads.

Happy Inspector

Used by around 9,000 users, this application was designed with the purpose to make all types of inspections a more productive experience. This application is an amazing tool for Routine or Periodic inspections, and Move In / Move Out processes.

What makes this application a great success is it’s easy and simple interface; it is beautifully designed and very user friendly.

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