The secret channel for off-market property

We are seeing growing demand for people seeking off-market property. Property buyer’s are reaching out for an edge outside of searching endlessly through online portals. As buyers agents, we have access to pre-market, off-market and on-market property. It is critical to have a healthy mix of sourcing great property, relying on one of the above is simply not good enough to justify an in depth property search. Off-market property is simply property that is not advertised online and you must be clear of the advantages and disadvantages of utilising this buying approach.

We are experiencing more successful off-market transactions than ever before. We are finding that vendors are now more receptive to sell their property without taking their property through a serious marketing campaign and advertising online. We are certainly noticing the highest number of available off-market properties than ever before in 2014 – all you need is a strategy to access these properties day in day out and be crystal clear of the pro’s and con’s to quickly disqualify when the opportunity does not stack up.

To succeed with off market transactions, you must be an expert at:

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ascertaining property value and communicating all the real estate facts dealing and negotiating direct with vendors having a process to liaise constantly with all real estate agents to access these properties knowing when to walk away if the you believe the vendor is not realistic or not a serious seller structuring the overall deal and project managing the process, this takes skill and experience in doing this many times over

All of the buyers agents at cohenhandler are experienced in sourcing and negotiating on off-market transactions. If you are not seeing enough off-market property and would like to diversify your real estate searching process, please connect with one of our buyers agents to understand more.

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