Cohen Handler Property Buyers Agents Earlwood Natalija Tanevska New Property Buying a New Home Testimonial

Cohen Handler Testimonial: Sydney’s Inner West

Having a qualified, experienced and skilled Cohen Handler property buyers agent helps make your dream of owning the perfect home a reality. It is always great to get amazing feedback from over the moon customers, as it makes every thing worthwhile when our clients are happy. These client testimonials below give us insight into the BA’s role in facilitating a seamless transaction and how we constantly went above and beyond for the client to ensure they got their perfect home in their ideal location at the right price. 

Cohen Handler Property Buyers Agents Earlwood Natalija Tanevska New Property Buying a New Home Testimonial

Property: Earlwood


“We would like to say a big THANK YOU for helping us achieve our dream, a home.

As discussed at our initial meeting we had been looking for quite a while and becoming quite frustrated with real estate agents who were all for the seller but the buyer!

We were impressed with how you both ‘got on with it ‘and started searching for properties based on our criteria.

Your expert knowledge and advice was invaluable especially at the inspections, which you came along to.

What we loved the most was not having  to worry about dealing with agents, solicitors etc. as you took care of all of that.”

– Emanuale, Teresa and Luca


Cohen Handler Property Buyers Agents Glebe Natalija Tanevska New Property Buying a New Home Testimonial

Property: Glebe


When we found out that we were to move from the UK to Australia in a few months’ time, I was keen to minimise the disruption for our family, especially the children. Moving to a demanding new role, I knew that I would not have time for much house-hunting, and in any case I wanted that precious weekend time to be committed to the family all of whom were going to have to settle into new schools, jobs and a new way of life. On a reconnaissance visit in February I decided at the last minute to investigate using a buyer’s agent, and Cohen Handler responded promptly, sending their inner west specialist to visit me the next day (which was when I flew out!). We talked about our needs and preferences, and I flew back feeling good that someone was on the case before I had even landed. Searching for somewhere to live is not something I enjoy at the best of times, but I knew I was unlikely to have time to do it properly.

We were immediately sent a regular stream of leads and it was only about 4 weeks before we found a property that fitted the bill. We exchanged before I even landed in Australia, so it was with some trepidation that I set eyes on it for the first time in April and was delighted. Our furniture and belongings have now arrived from the UK and we are seeing the house become ‘ours’ and feel absolutely delighted with the promise of our new home. The location is exactly what we wanted, and we would never have found it without Natalija as it was not on the open market when we bought it. It has all the essential features we were looking for, and is in an amazingly quiet location around the corner from a vibrant and busy part of Sydney with excellent transport links.

The three essential achievements for us are: firstly, the speed of the process means that we have been able to move directly from the UK into our new Australian home, without having to set up in temporary accommodation for some months in between with all the disruption and unease that entails. Secondly, we found a home with which we are delighted that I am sure we would not have found by ourselves. Thirdly, I spent almost no time at all on this otherwise very time-consuming process, and was not only relieved of the burden of house-hunting, but was also never tempted to give up and buy something less than ideal because I couldn’t bear the thought of looking any longer.

It was worth every penny, and I would use Cohen Handler without hesitation again – although not, I hope, for many years!

– Mrs Maurency


Cohen Handler Property Buyers Agents Leichhardt Natalija Tanevska New Property Buying a New Home Testimonial

Property: Leichhardt


“I chose to use the services of a buyer’s agent after a couple of years of searching on the property market for a property with the short term goal to live in and long term goal as an investment. I was fed up with dealing with real estate agents who consistently under-quote property values, don’t provide a price guide, even upon request, and not take my offers seriously. In one case, a property was sold for less than the written offer I had initially made, and more recently, all properties going up for auction – often leading to highly inflated prices due to strong demand and competitiveness with other prospective buyers.

I was referred to Cohen Handler buyer’s agents. I hadn’t heard about them prior to this but when I asked around I found a number of people within my network, mainly business execs, and lawyers, none of which I am, and was told that Cohen Handler were one of the best.

I met with Natalija from Cohen Handler and discussed my situation, where my frustrations were and the issues I had encountered when searching for, and pursuing a property to buy. The BA then let me know that the services she offers through Cohen Handler can definitely benefit me. We went through a brief where I outlined to the BA the types of property I was after, my budget, and locations. We also agreed on the ‘must haves’ and the features that we were willing to compromise on. We also both set out our own expectations of each other. One of the things I liked most is that from the beginning my expectations were managed, ensuring that whatever the BA had brought to my attention was that of something that matched what was in the brief.

The very next day after our first meeting the BA had sent through a shortlist of 20 properties, many of them meeting the criteria within the brief. Some of these properties were off-market and pre-market which I only ever had access to via a buyer’s agent.

Fast forward to less than 4 weeks later, Cohen Handler secured a property for me that met all my ‘must haves’. This property was listed online. We went to the first open inspection and after completing our due diligence we put forward an offer which the vendor accepted prior to auction. The key was that Cohen Handler and the BA was able to work whilst I and other buyers were at work. Cohen Handler also had the ability to negotiate with the selling agent and their quick action, negotiation, and contacts within the industry is what managed to secure the property before there was more public interest, more open inspections, more offers, and before auction. There was less competition because Cohen Handler could act sooner rather than later.

Some of the key things that I found important and enjoyable in Cohen Handler representing myself as buyers agent is that they were able to deliver within the turnaround period they outlined to me within the brief. They were extremely professional, but at the same time, made me feel quite comfortable to work with, as well as trust that I was in highly capable hands.

I would strongly recommend anyone who has been in, or is in, the same situation as myself, to use the services provided by Cohen Handler – Thanks again for securing me such an amazing property.

I look forward to using your services again on my next property purchase.”


– Mark Shoukry


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