Corinne Alter

Head of People & Culture

Mobile: +61 414 672 777 Email: [email protected]

Corinne Alter, Human Resource Manager, brings vast experience to Cohen Handler. Corinne was a Human Resources Director in the Publishing Industry and, in the last 10 years, has worked as an Independent Human Resource Consultant both in the corporate and educational sectors. She has developed, managed and implemented integrated HR systems across a wide range of industry.

Corinne is an accredited Diversity and Inclusion Consultant who also has extensive workshop experience, is a trained Lifeline Counsellor, Facilitator and Trainer and is an Australian accredited Trainer and Mediator. She has served amongst other endeavours for 10 years on the board of a private school in Sydney, the last six of which as Vice President, with Human Resources as her special interest portfolio.

Corinne has extremely well developed communication skills and has mentored many senior executives on an on-going basis in her career.

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