8 Mortgage Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

The interest rate isn’t the only thing you need to consider when looking at mortgages. You also need to consider the question “what are the additional costs involved in buying property?” If you don’t, you set yourself up to make some terrible mortgage mistakes. What questions do you ask yourself when you search for a

How the First Home Owners Grant Could Help You

Everything You Need to Know About Claiming and Using the First Home Owners Grant When you ask yourself “how much can I afford to spend on a property?”, one of the first things you must consider is how much money you have to cover the upfront fees. You’ll need to pay a deposit, mortgage fees,

10 Awesome Tips for Cutting Your Mortgage Costs

Use These Tips to Make Your Home Loan More Manageable Working with a buyer’s agent in Sydney will help ensure you get good value for the home that you bought. However, you’re also going to have to put some thought into how you’ll repay your mortgage. For example, you could ask yourself what are the

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