Everything You Need to Know About Capital Growth

You have to make a choice when you invest in property. Do you invest to generate a regular yield? Or, do you invest for capital growth? This article tells you everything that you need to know about investing for capital growth. Every property investor asks themselves the same thing before they get into the market.

Property Yield vs Capital Growth: Which is Better?

Should I invest for growth or yield when buying property? It’s an important question that every property investor must answer. Here we look at the pros and cons of each tactic. Heading into property investment without a strategy is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. You need to know about the type

Property Investment vs. The Stock Market

Once you’re in a stable financial position, investing becomes an option. You have several choices available. Here’s a comparison of buying an investment property and investing in stocks. As you get older, you start looking towards the future. Not so much yours, though having enough money for a stable retirement is very important. Instead, you

Ten Tips That Guarantee a High Annual Yield

For most, property is a long-term investment. Your annual yield determines what you can do with the property and other investments. These tips will help you to improve rental yield. Why is property a great investment? It’s a question that everybody asks themselves when they’re preparing for their futures. There are so many investment options

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