Should you consider negative gearing for your property purchase?

Purchasing a property and taking out a loan in Australia are typically one and the same. Borrowing to buy pricey items is basically part of financial reality, because how many of us could afford a home out of our own pocket? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we (owner-occupiers and investors) commit to about

The Top 4 Property Investment Research Mistakes

Unless you enjoy gambling with your finances, research is the backbone of any successful property investment. Without it, you’re negotiating your way through the market blind, stumbling and faltering your way to a purchase using your gut and not your noggin. A report from Mortgage Choice questioned more than 800 Australians who had purchased a

$55,000,000+ In Purchases For Cohen Handler Clients In May

Welcome to Recent Buys. Cohen Handler purchased $55m+ worth of property in May. In this publication we share some of our most recent success stories. ‘Come what may’ is a phrase we hear from people who are hoping to buy property without a defined strategy. Looking back over the last few weeks, it is now

Understanding Commercial Property

Commercial Property or Commercial Real Estate involves properties used solely for business purposes. These include office buildings, medical centres, nursing homes, malls, warehouses, multi-family housing buildings, farm land and garages. Office buildings – include downtown skyscrapers, small professional office buildings, and single tenant properties. Industrial – these range from smaller to large office service or

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