Cohen Handler Launch First Home Buyer’s Package

First home buyers can now receive a 10 per cent discount on services and a 12-month payment plan at Cohen Handler. Ben Handler, co-founder of Cohen Handler, has seen first home buyers continue to be unsuccessful in securing a property, often being out priced by seasoned investors and foreign buyers. “We think it is so

How to: Buy property in a red-hot market

Are you breaking a sweat trying to buy a home in a fiercely competitive market? Caroline James from takes you through a list of things all buyers should consider when buying property in a highly competitive market. Cohen Handler’s Co Founder, Simon Cohen gives his professional opinion on some of these points. “In 2015,

Why property buyers overpay (and how to avoid it)

This week, listed an article written by our Managing Director, Simon Cohen. In this article Mr. Cohen explains the top five reasons why buyers are overpaying in the current property market and shares some tips on how to avoid common traps.   Buyers bid with their hearts, not their heads The top reason buyers overpay

5 tips from a professional property buyer

Cohen Handler goal is to provide an outstanding service to all residential and commercial property buyers from first-home owners all the way through to sophisticated investors. Mathew Barnes from our Melbourne Office shares a few of his top tips for purchasing property: Seller’s Agents are not on your side Sales agents work for the vendor, whilst

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