Five Property Negotiation Tactics

Work with a Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne to Take Advantage of These Tactics Many first-time property buyers struggle with the idea of negotiating. You may want to get the process done as quickly as possible, but a buyer’s agent in Melbourne could secure a lower price on the property. That makes negotiation a key part

The Hidden Costs of Owning a Home

You Need to Think About More than the Purchase Price Did you know that the hidden costs of home ownership will cost you thousands of dollars? It’s true. The more your property is worth, the more you have to pay in fees. These costs even go beyond the property buyer’s agent fees. I want to

Things to Do Before Making an Offer On A Property

1. Examining What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Offer So, you think you’ve found the perfect property and you’re ready to buy it? Your buyer’s agent in Melbourne can offer plenty of advice, but there are a few more steps to take before making your offer. It involves a lot more than sending

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