Real Estate Is Going 3D

Simon Cohen MD of Cohen Handler was recently interviewed by Shaun White for a Sunrise story on “Real Estate Is Going 3D”.

You can watch the entire story here.

The way we buy homes is about to change drastically. This technological transformation has the real estate landscape changing dimensions to cater for convenience and time poor people. Everything is getting more realistic than before and finding a home is actually less complicated thanks large part to one small device – the smartphone.

Damon Pezero, Domain Chief Product Officer, says, “The world is becoming more mobile in terms of our usage behaviors and it certainly is core focus for asset demand, how do we leverage smart phones for example.”

It is a gateway to homes right around the country that fits into your pocket but now it is buying through the simple tasks, with new services like the Domain Check In, that makes the whole dreaded inspection process much easier. “You simply show the agent you pre-registered and walk through the property”, comments Damon Pezero.

It is remarkable how much video has improved, and research is also really easy to access for buying and renting. For example, Domain’s home price guide. Damon Pezero says, “They [buyers] can see some of the properties in that department block, understand the rent, and have a very honest and transparent conversation with the landlord or the real estate agent.”

But house hunting is heading in its new direction. A recent report by a British-based agency says easy property is far more interactive. Damon Pezero notes, “We are starting to see things like virtual reality and headsets where you can actually experience what the property is like at 8am in the morning and 4pm in the afternoon.”

This experience is expected to become more tailored – looking at lifestyle choices, matching social media, digital searches, and virtual guided neighbourhood tours. There is no doubt about it; technology has truly transformed the world for buying and selling homes. It provides you more access than ever before, from smartphones to interactive floorplans, and even drones.

From the low to high end of the real estate landscape, it is rapidly changing. Regardless, the rules seem to remain the same. People are time poor and want simplicity. One thing is for sure, buying or selling a house will never be the same again.

Simon Cohen from Cohen Handler comments, “It saves us and buyers all the time in wasting than looking at properties that aren’t maybe what they seem.”

This is your guide to finding the perfect piece of paradise.

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