Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011

Type of property: Apartment

Reason of purchase: Residential Property

Address: Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, NSW, 2011.

Property Journey:

These clients live on the South Coast and needed a city pad, preferably in Potts Point, for weekday living as their business is in Sydney.
The moment our client walked in the door, she said to me “This is the one, Daniel”.
“A Buyers Agent was a whole new concept to me, but a friend who knew our circumstances, recommended Cohen Handler. Basically, we did not have the time to search for a property and we needed somewhere to live quickly.
It’s difficult for a control freak with a strong ‘opinion’ to hand over responsibility to someone else, finding somewhere to live is personal and emotional, but the minute I met Daniel I was able to breathe out, it was going to be ok. And it was. 

Everything Daniel showed me could have worked but then ‘the one’ appeared. It’s ridiculously competitive out there and if I knew it was ‘the one’ then so did everyone else.Upon reflection, the best thing Daniel did, was manage my expectation of price. This is what he does for a living, while I’m foolish enough to listen to the selling agents.

He was blunt, ‘if you want to secure this place, this is what you need to be prepared to spend’. But he was also very reassuring about a market informed limit, ‘not a penny more’.

At the auction he secured the apartment under budget. Can’t ask for more than that. He used his skills to scare other buyers off, who had more to spend!

Left to me, we would never have the apartment we love. It was swift and painless and I have to say fun.  Thank you Daniel!”

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