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Make finding your next property a joy, not an ordeal. Cohen Handler offers a new approach to investors and homeowners looking to buy in Brisbane – strategic, results-driven buyer advocacy that makes the real estate process simple, fun and rewarding for you.


Comprehensive support for buyers in their property hunts

Brisbane is one of the country’s most exciting and dynamic markets but making the most of it requires a keen eye, thorough attention to detail and deep knowledge of the area. Over the last decade, the team at Cohen Handler have demonstrated all three time and time again. We understand that for a purchase as life-altering as property, complete confidence in your choice is a must. To help our clients achieve it, Cohen Handler has inspected more than 40,000 properties since 2009, sorting the good from the great from the perfect, to ensure you’re getting precisely what you’re looking for.

Our experience in Australian property runs deep. Cohen Handler is the creation of Simon Cohen. With more than 15 years of experience in property – much of that in Sydney’s prestigious Double Bay region – Simon understands that property is an intensely personal journey. As such, he and his team make it their priority to deliver a truly bespoke experience, foregrounding your goals and your requirements and aligning our efforts as closely as possible to them. The results speak for themselves – more than 1900 homes secured for our clients, many from off-market through our extensive network.


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If you’d like to make the next step in your property journey the most confident yet, partner with the team at Cohen Handler. Start a conversation with our buyer’s agents on 1300 420 160 to find out how we could assist you.

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