Natalija Tanevska shares her journey: Junior athlete to a property professional

Cohen Handler Buyer’s Agent Natalija Tanevska shares her journey from junior athlete to a property professional.

“When I was on the selling side, I would constantly hear about the frustrations buyers experienced when looking for a new home…I wanted to really help these people and I decided to make the switch and become a buyer’s agent.

Three and a half years ago, I joined Cohen Handler, Australia’s largest buyer’s agency. It was going through a massive growth spurt, which continues to this day. Despite this, the buyer’s agent market is much less saturated, which means there is plenty of opportunity to move up quickly and succeed if you work hard.

I’ve been very lucky to work in a company where everyone supports and encourages each other. Combined with the fact that it has grown so quickly, there has been a lot of opportunity to step up and take the initiative. By doing this, I soon found myself opening Cohen Handler’s inner west office, and now work there alongside incredible buyer’s agents, 75 per cent of whom are women”.

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