Meet the team – Brisbane buyer’s agent Shane Hiscock

Shane discovered his passion for property when he purchased his first family home. That led to a move out of the IT with industry leader IBM to his current role as an Associate with Cohen Handler. Over the last decade he has excelled in assisting clients find and purchase their dream homes.

This is his story and how Shane can help you.

1. Describe your typical day.

My typical day consists of a lot of meetings, inspections and time on the phone, either resourcing properties for clients, discussing properties with clients, progressing purchasing negotiations, speaking with new potential clients, meeting with real estate agents, and inspecting properties.

2. How did you get into property?

I became interested in property when my wife and I began the process of purchasing our first family home. 

I enjoyed choosing our desired suburbs, working out what our ‘must haves’ and our ‘nice to haves’ were and then venturing out every Saturday to inspect the properties. 

I loved comparing properties and analysing the market and through this process I realised this was something I would like to do as a career. I then sought out books and education courses and taught myself as much as possible. 

My next step after purchasing our family home was in property development and we purchased a block of land and built a home and this is where I was able to create the equity to allow me to leave my corporate job and move into property.

3. What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

It’s hard to think of a specific moment, there are many. I still think the best parts are ahead of me and things are just getting started. If I had to choose a highlight I think it would be the client story below as it was amazing how it all came together.

4. Can you please tell us a great client story?

One story that comes to mind was a purchase for a client who had been searching for two years for a suitable property to build their dream family home. 

The criteria was for >800m land, 20m frontage, reasonably flat, in a quiet, wide family friendly street, flood free in Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood or Corinda. 

A property came to the market that fit that description, it was built circa 1980 and could be knocked down. It was on 1300m2 land and had a tennis court (not that they wanted a tennis court). This particular property was scheduled to go to auction. 

We made offers on the property prior to auction however our offer was not accepted. 

In the lead up to the auction I continued the search for the client and came across another property, off market that the client preferred. It was on 1000m2, so slightly smaller, however they much preferred the location as it was one of the best streets in the area and very rarely were there properties available in this area that could be knocked down as most were protected. The bonus was that it was off market so we didn’t have any competition.

Shane has over a decade’s experience as a Brisbane buyer’s agent..

However as we progressed negotiations on that property, we discovered that the seller’s only wanted to sell, if they were successful in purchasing the house with the tennis court on 1300m2 that was about to go to auction, which was the other house that our clients were initially interested in. 

So we now had a challenge. We could only purchase their house, if they purchased the other home at auction. 

Through much considered negotiation and great communication between the buyers and sellers, we were able to secure the property for our clients. The sellers were then able to go along to the auction and purchasing the house with the tennis court.

It was an amazing outcome for all parties involved  and one I will always remember.

5. What is your area of expertise and location?

I am generally focused on the Inner Western suburbs of Brisbane, typically from Ashgrove to Yeronga, anywhere in that sphere, so suburbs like St Lucia, Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly, Paddington, Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Oxley.

However, I also have great expertise in, and knowledge around the Inner north/west, areas such as Grange, Wilston, Windsor, Kedron, Enoggera and Newmarket. 

Given I have previously been involved in property development I offer those skills to our developer clients and specialise in property development and site acquisition. 

These skills have come in handy in assisting clients who are looking to purchase homes suitable to knock down and rebuild their ideal family home and recently I have helped a number of families with this as their goal. 

6. Where can we find you in your leisure time?

You can find me cycling, keeping fit and having fun with my family. I am married with two daughters aged eight and 11 so my leisure time is focused on enjoying activities with them. 

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