Low Cost Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

While Startup Tucson aims to build a powerful and lively startup ecosystem of companies and entrepreneurs in Tucson, we also strive to discover and simulate the business spirit within any young freelance entrepreneur. And today we are going to reveal a few smart and low-cost business ideas that can be easily implemented and which could represent the starting ground of bigger ideas.

Fun Money Business Ideas

You can put your hobby or burning passion to work and actually monetize it the best way you can. No matter if you are into painting, homemade jewels, or playing computer games, you can make money out of it and these next tips below will tell you how.

  • You already know a great deal about your hobby so research is going to be limited – and more fun.
  • Get ready to live and breathe your hobby non-stop, since you have turned it into out cow to milk ad you need to take care of it non-stop. As much as you might enjoy playing video games, lottery, or making marble necklaces, you will eventually feel the burnout.
  • To avoid it, try to stay on your toes at all times and constantly learn new things about your hobby. For example, if you are into lottery games, find new strategies and systems to follow when playing every week. Then record yourself explaining them to your blog or web site visitors though your weekly vlogs. Find out which is the latest lottery promotion on the sites you usually play on and introduce it to your readers. You should have no problem coming across fresh information every day, since there are so many lotto sites that specialize in the biggest games on the planet, news, past results, tips, the history of the games, and many more.
  • For example, the Lottery Master site counts among them; give it a try and you will stay updated with the latest results for games like MegaMillions, Powerball, EuroMillions, LaPrimitiva, SuperEnaLotto, BonoLoto, UK Lotto and many more. You will be allowed to buy tickets and even pick the multi-draw option so you can make sure you get some nice discounts for your purchases and never forget to mark your tickets again.
  • The Lotto FAQ and the Lotto Dictionary features will help you keep up with specific lottery lingo so you can make your blogs even more creative and fun to read – which is always good for the business.
  • Talk about the latest Frequent Player Points systems which is rewarding players for their every purchase there; for every €1 spent, they will automatically receive one FPP VIP and there is an entire VIP Frequent Player Program that is granting levels according to a player’s accumulations which you can find on their site.

The idea is to think of an activity that you find most enjoyable and decide if you would like to repeat doing it every day, and actually make a living off of it. Creative ideas like arts and crafts businesses, interior design or jewelry, hobby business, sports business, or freelancing your own expertise in a field are all excellent starters for the young entrepreneur.

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