Leaving Your Home for the Holidays? Protect It With 6 Easy Steps!

The holidays are now here, and for many of you, that means you will soon be leaving your home to go on a well-deserved vacation or to visit your loved ones. However, without the right precautions, your home can become the target of crime and burglary if poorly protected, especially if people know that you will not be home. There is nothing worse than returning home from your relaxing holiday to find out that there is not much of a home to return to at all.
Here are a few tips about how you should prepare your home before you leave on vacation.
1. Consider Hiring a House-Sitter
The best way for you to ensure the safety of your home is to have someone living in it while you are away. This will need to be someone that you trust completely. Also, if you do not want to return to a messy house, make sure that the person you ask is also tidy. Remind them to feed the pets, water the plants, and pick up any newspapers while you are gone.
If you do not like the idea of having someone live inside your house, there are plenty of other options as well.
2. Hold Your Mail
If you are going to be leaving for an extended period of time, you can ask your post office and discontinue mail delivery until your return. They will be able to hold your mail for 3 – 30 days. For USPS, you can often stop your mail through an online request on their website as well.
3. Stop Newspaper Delivery
There is nothing that makes your absence more obvious than a pile of newspapers waiting on the doorstep. If you still receive newspapers, make sure that you stop newspaper delivery for as long as you leave town. During your travels, you want to try and have very few people know about your house being unoccupied, so it does not become an easy target.
4. Have Someone Watch Your House
Even after stopping newspaper and mail services, there are still other signs that will give away the fact that your house is empty. The best way to counter this is by asking someone you trust, such as a neighbor or relative, to periodically look at your house. They can pick up any flyers that are still there, and make sure that nothing looks off about your home. If your area has a neighborhood watch group, you can also ask them to keep an eye out. This will help soothe your mind while you are away.
5. Invest in Light Timers and Home Security
While you are gone, you will want your house to look as normal as possible. Invest in timers for interior and exterior lights, and make sure that they are timed to turn on for a few hours during the evening. Having lights go on and off at your house will trick those with ill intent into thinking you are still home. An even better way to protect your home is by investing in home security. Make sure that the alarms are set before you leave your home.
6. Make Sure Everything Is Locked
This sounds like a silly and obvious tip, but you will be surprised by how many people forget to lock their windows and doors. Make sure that you perform a thorough check on every window and door before you leave on your vacation, and make sure that everything is locked. It is easy to forget a window that you always leave open or a door that you never lock. As long as you take the proper precautions, you will find your home just as you left it when you return.

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