Isolated Properties from around the world

Sometimes all we want is a little peace, to get away from the busy lives we lead and have a slice of serenity. We have collected our favourites from some of the most remote and secluded places in the world. Transport yourself to these isolated locations. 

The Katskhi Pillar, Georgia 


Located in the village of Katskhi in Imereti, Georgia, the locals call it the Pillar of Life. At the summit is a small church built between the sixth and eighth centuries and is accessible through an iron ladder. 

River House, Serbia


This small wooden house can be found in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia standing on an exposed rock. It was built in 1968 by a group of friends who used the rock as a rest stop and place to sunbathe.

Solvay Hut, Switzerland


Perched on the north-eastern ridge of Matterhorn, in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland, this hut is used to provide shelter and food to climbers. It is 13,000 feet above ground level and rewards those who can reach it with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. 

House on Elliðaey Island, Iceland


Built by hunters for puffin hunting in the 1950’s, this lodge on Elliðaey Island in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland is still used today. The island was inhabited for more than 300 years by farming families in huts before all residents left the isolated community however people continue to come back for the puffin hunt. 

Church of St. Johann, Italy

Church of St. Johann

Found in the meadows of Ranui, Italy, this church belongs to the Ranuihof farmstead. Built in 1744, the small Baroque church is crowed with a star on its copper onion dome. 

Meteora, Greece


Meteora is a complex of monasteries in Thessaly, Greece built between the 14th and 15th centuries during the revival of the hermit ideal. They rise from sandstone pillars and are classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Cliff House, Concept Design


This Australian creation by Modscape Concept is designed as a holiday house for the Victorian southwest coast. It is accessible only through the carport with a lift that goes to each of the five storeys. 

Casa Brutale, Concept Design


Greek architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos have designed this luxury home into a cliff. This incredible concept embraces brutalism, an impactful concrete style. 

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