Is Queensland the best place to grow your business?

Is Queensland the best place for small-business owners to buy property?


It’s never easy to decide on moving house – let alone changing what state you’re residing in altogether. However, any savvy entrepreneur will be constantly looking for opportunities to grow and expand an existing business, or even start a new one at the right time.

What the Queensland government is currently doing is going to help just that sort of person, and it should be encouraging people to make the move into the Sunshine State. Two of the major centres there, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, have so much to offer in terms of fabulous property, and that will be an excellent base for you to start your next venture from!

A boost to your business

Successful businesses don’t just appear out of nowhere, it takes years of hard work to lay solid foundations, generate funding and market to the right sort of people before making any real headway on the landscape. The Queensland government’s latest announcements are helping with the funding side of this, however, and entrepreneurs everywhere should be taking note.

Looking for a boost to your business finances?Looking for a boost to your business finances?

A June 14 media release from Smart Company reports that there is a boost to funding for small-business of a whopping $22.7 million from the Queensland state government, which is directly aimed at bringing new business to the region in a bid to boost employment rates.

“I’m determined to make Queensland Australia’s innovation leader, which is why I have dramatically increased our investment and broadened our focus to embrace opportunities across the economy,” said Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland premier.

“It’s an incentive to get them here, it’s a small amount of money that will sometimes make the difference to relocate here, but what it means is jobs, because there will be Queensland jobs.”

This goes alongside the Advance Queensland funding scheme, which is in place to attract not only small-businesses but also start-ups looking for funding. And there’s plenty of that to go around.

The Advance Queensland fund is going to be increased from $180 million to a whopping $405 million, which will bring fresh faces in.

The fund is going to be increased from $180 million to a whopping $405 million, and that $225 million increase will be used to bring fresh faces to the market, according to the Chamber of Commerce in Queensland (CCIQ).

“Countries around the world are rapidly responding to global economic changes in order to remain competitive,” said Nick Behrens, the director of advocacy at CCIQ.

“The government’s commitment to ensuring innovation remains a key priority for Queensland will see us keep pace and not fall behind. CCIQ, in its January Budget submission and again this month, called for Advance Queensland innovation programs to be reorientated to capture interest from existing small-business, not just start-ups.”

Finding your dream home in the Sunshine State

While there are plenty of opportunities to do business in Queensland, none of it will matter if you can’t find a great home from which to base your operations at the beginning of your venture into the region. There’s very little supply on the market at the moment, which is crowding the demand pool and making it extremely difficult for people to find the perfect home.

With that in mind, does the ability to double the catalogue of available homes for your buying needs sound like a great move?

With years of local experience, a finger always on the pulse of the market in a particular region and knowledge of exactly what you’re after in a home, a buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler will give you access to a whole variety of off-market houses and apartments, meaning you won’t be stuck waiting for a listing that suits you to pop up on a real estate website, along with everyone else out there.

Moving your operations to Queensland could be a fantastic business move, and Cohen Handler can help you get into your dream piece of real estate.

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