Interested in accessing off-market properties?

“Off-market properties” is a code name for properties that are not officially advertised to the public via a real estate agent. A large number of properties sell off market in Sydney. It’s important to understand why properties sell off market and how you can access these silent listings through a buyer’s agent.

Vendors decide to sell their property through this method for a number of key reasons;

  • Do not want public to know that they are selling,
  • Do not want to go through an official real estate campaign
  • Do not want to feel obligated to open their property for routine inspections
  • Do not want to pay for huge advertising campaign,
  • Would like to get an understanding of what their property could realistically sell for through buyer feedback.

Buyer’s agents have access to many off market properties through deep relationships with real estate agents and through vendors calling the buyers agent direct given they know that the buyers agent has qualified buyers on their books at all time.

It is critical to have an alternative strategy to purchase property, other than searching and as you are competing with the masses . Everyone has access to these real estate portals. What are you doing in your property search that is different ?

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