The perfect home should provide a relaxing environment.

How to make sure your home is a bastion of relaxation

The majority of home owners are most likely hardworking and dedicated, traits that are to be admired. However, there comes a point when relaxation is required, as evidenced by an Australia Institute study that has revealed that over half of Australians feel overworked, with almost two-thirds saying they are encouraged to work extra hours.

Your home is an essential tool to help cope with the high-pressure environment you may be working in. Many Australians don't take full advantage of this in the current market, due to budget constraints, or a lack of knowledge regarding what's available. 

To make sure your home is the perfect space to help you de-stress, let a buyer's agent help you discover the unlocked potential of the market. With the help of the right person, you could be residing in a bastion of soothing relaxation, letting the worries of the workday melt away. Let's have a look at what your home could be like, thanks to a little guidance when purchasing. 

Consider more rural areas 

To make your home a more relaxing space, one of the first things you should consider is moving out of more densely populated urban centres, to somewhere with a slightly slower pace. Several proponents of low-density housing have suggested that such arrangements give residents access to more space and privacy to relax and raise families, according to a report by the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation.

Consider is moving out of more densely populated urban centres, to somewhere with a slightly slower pace.

While you may not be keen to move to the middle of the outback, relocating just out of the city centre may provide you with such benefits.

Your commute to and from work may be slightly longer, but when you arrive home, you'll most likely enjoy a more spacious, quiet and relaxing environment, conducive to de-stressing.

You may also be able to easily afford (and find) a suitable detached home in areas outside the city. This is because rural areas have a higher proportion of detached homes than most major cities in Australia, as land is not as highly valued in such regions. 

The market in rural parts of the country will be a total mystery to some, so seeking the help of a professional with extensive knowledge can help make sure you find the right space.

Experience the outdoors from home

Opening your home up to the outdoors is an excellent way to make it a more relaxing environment, and may do wonders for your state of mind. While it might be easier to do so in the semi-rural areas mentioned above, it's very possible to find more central property with a small yard or deck perfect for enjoying some alfresco-time. 

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A Harvard newsletter has revealed the many benefits of being outside, proving that an outdoor area in your home will help you relax. Most importantly, the letter revealed how being inside is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, while being outside encourages being active.

Finding a property with even a small yard will help you enjoy more time on the move. You'll spend more time exercising or enjoying the sun, instead of binge-watching entire TV series on Netflix or staring at a computer screen. 

Let the light shine in

An outdoor area, or at least a home open to nature, will also help increase the natural light you're exposed to while at home. According to Healthline, this will increase the brain's release of a hormone known as seratonin, which will improve your mood, making you feel calm and focused.

A property on an acre of lawn may not fit the budget, but you can still enjoy the many benefits of a well-lit and warm home. If you know where to look apartments with small decks, townhouses with contained yards and plenty of windows, can be found that'll suit nicely – while being affordable. 

If you're buying in big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, it may be increasingly difficult to find such a property. Enlisting the help of a buyer's agent will open your options up, ensuring that your home is a sun-drenched Shangri-La, perfect for relaxation. 

Purpose-built rooms

After a day at work when you're mentally and physically exhausted, it's extremely easy to fall into a rut, watching the same TV shows yet again, not making time for what you really enjoy doing. Having a special room in your home, customised for your hobbies or interests, may reverse this bad habit, providing the perfect spot to indulge your passions and develop your hobbies.

Your home is an essential tool to help cope with a high-pressure lifestyle.

Such a room can be as simple as a nook with plenty of books and a comfy chair, or as elaborate as a dark room with a 100-inch projector screen and top-of-the-line gaming consoles. Finding a home with space for a spare room can be challenging budget-wise, so you may need assistance from a buyer's agent to make it a reality.

Let Cohen Handler help you and you could be enjoying a bastion of relaxation within weeks. 

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