How will you decorate your new apartment?

How should you style your new apartment?

After you've enlisted the help of a buyer's agent to buy yourself a gorgeous apartment in the heart of Sydney, or by the beach in St Kilda, or even overlooking the waterways on the Gold Coast, you'll need to look at styling options.

Interior design is what brings your home space to life with your own character, and it's these choices that you're going to live with for a significant period of time. After all, you don't want to be spending money on accessories, furniture and technology only to turn around a month later and realise you hate what you've done.

High-rise living will only become more popular as the housing demand rises.

Buying an apartment in the current market is going to set yourself up for financial success down the track – high-rise living will only become more popular as the housing demand rises. Apartments are the easiest way to ease that pressure, so getting into one early is a great idea.

CoreLogic RP Data states that the current median unit value in Sydney is $718,760, while Melbourne is much lower at $525,800 and Brisbane and the Gold Coast come in even more affordably with $399,970. These are very manageable prices for a lot of people, and if you haven't already started your apartment hunt, the design ideas below might get your brain whirring:

1) Make sure your palette makes sense

When you buy an apartment, chances are the previous owners had made their own marks – quite literally – on the paint choices. If it's not to your liking, change it up! There are also a number of ways you can change any existing furniture you're bringing in to make that work in accordance with the new spaces these pieces will be filling. A slick paint job is refreshing and simple.

A feature wall is a fantastic way to bring life and vibrancy to a room without overwhelming any people that might find themselves inside it. Go bold with a red or a dark purple and be brave, because if you're starting basically from scratch, you can tie all of the colours in together with accessories such as cushions.

Colours can be chosen for the walls, the roof, the fixtures, the furniture or even the accessories, so whatever you decide to go with, make sure you're either contrasting boldly or making everything work in together. You don't want a dark couch surrounded by green walls and a white roof, so take care when selecting your colour palette.

2) Curtains are back

Covering the windows of your new apartment seems like a radically important task, and to be fair, it's one of the best ways to make yourself feel safe inside. Even if you're twenty floors up and the world couldn't possibly see you, it's nice to have the privacy that cosy curtains bring.

You could opt for grand options that hang all the way to the ground, or a style that just hangs over the window or door. When you've chosen a cut and style, the colour, material and texture can all be customised to suit the aesthetic you're going for in the apartment. You could even decide to have a different style in every room, so changing the curtains will help with that too!

For a really intense look, black curtains contrast beautifully with a white paint or cream-coloured furniture. Taking a step back and wanting a softer space might steer you more toward a light, opaque curtain. Whatever you do, don't choose a pattern that ages. You'll regret it when you come to sell and you have to put up new curtains just to make a room look more appealing.

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3) Go grand

If you are taking the above route of having a different theme or style in every room, choosing a grand feature piece or furniture suite is recommended for at least one area.

A library or reading room is something that calls for grandiose pieces, so having a couple of regal armchairs to relax in, or an ornate wooden desk will help to bring character to a space. For the braver, and those who are actually able to drill into the foundations above, installing a gorgeous, old chandelier will differentiate your apartment from every other one. To open yourself up to more selling possibilities, quirky features such as this will be seen favourably; It's also sure to be a talking point when entertaining.

Even if you decide to use artwork as the grand feature in a room, it should tie in with the atmosphere. If you have an antique-style bedroom, and put a piece of crazy modern art on the wall, it might not gel too well. A style that is always recommended, and that draws on local talent, is Aboriginal paintings – they're stunning and won't date a day.

4) Make use of glass

Glass is one of those materials that people seem to look past. Well, that's because it's clear, but it's also a very interesting and unique way to spruce up an apartment space, while giving the feeling of more room.

The clarity of glass helps to create a feeling of openness, and there are so many applications. It could be the main ingredient in your home office with a desk, or even the separator between bedroom and bathroom. The shower door has long been seen as one of the most common places for glass use, but what if you didn't have one? You might miss the coolness that glass brings with it, so finding room for it in your apartment will help to ease that pain!

Scandinavian interior design uses glass very heavily – even just as the walls of a bedroom. If you're brave and want to create a completely different, modern space, think outside the box and install glass partitions in the quirkiest places you can think of.

There are so many options when it comes to the interior design of your new apartment, and no matter what stage of the process you're at with your search, the team of expert buyer's agents from Cohen Handler will be able to help. Get in touch today, we know you're dreaming big!

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