How Cohen Handler Used Tech To Change The Property Game

Co-founders Simon Cohen and Ben Handler embraced Google’s device, Google Glass. Cohen Handler utilized this new form of technology, referred to as ‘internet-in-a-headset’ to change attitudes towards technology and transfer it’s power to transform the real estate industry.

Cohen Handler trialed Google Glass on overseas customers, creating a new type of customer experience where the buyer had the ability to walk through a local property and see it through the eyes of Cohen Handler.
While the Google Glass failed, Cohen stated that testing out new technologies is an example of how the business is willing to try new things in order to remain at the cutting edge of customer service;

“I think there’s no one doing anything like what we’re doing at the moment to be honest, and that’s why we’ve been such a success in this industry,” Cohen says. “It’s a very old school industry/ We’ve come in and sharpened it up and brought it up to speed with the modern world and the way people do business today, and we’ve been able to add a huge amount of value for our customers,” he says.

By opening up to new technologies, Cohen Handler has transformed their real estate model to offer a professional edge that could save buyers time, hassle, and money, while also giving them the experience they lacked.

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