How do you spend your Easter vacations?

How are you spending your Easter vacations?

As the Easter weekend has been and gone once again, it might be time to reflect on how you spent your second-quarter break, and how it could be improved in the future.

If you were stuck in your family home doing errands and tasks that you might have done on a regular weekend, then it could well be time to look elsewhere for next year – how about a holiday home? As we're coming up to the winter months, you might even be looking for something that can act as a getaway from the cold winters in city centres. Where are some suburbs that a holiday home would be perfect all year round?

1) Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Not only is the suburb of Bondi Beach world famous for its surf breaks, stunning white sands and relaxed culture, it is also a fantastic place to buy a holiday home that can also act as an investment property down the track.

Families fit right into the culture of Bondi, as it's active and perfect for those that love the beach. For any who enjoy a great surf barrel then you're in luck here because there is no shortage of these going around. Bondi is also close enough to Sydney so that any of the Easter weekend sales are still accessible, even if you have left your city lifestyle behind for the weekend.

Residex data suggests that the median house price in Bondi Beach is $2,248,000, and you'll know why the price tag is so high as soon as you arrive.

2) Main Beach, Queensland

Located on the sunny Gold Coast, the suburb of Main Beach is a hot spot for shopping and beach-going alike.

The median house price here is lower than in Bondi Beach; however, the Gold Coast has been a growing region for the last few years now and as further growth is predicted, great capital returns are possible on the right property. Main Beach is across the channel from the main city of Gold Coast, which allows it to be somewhat quieter and more removed from the hustle and bustle. If you're flying in from Melbourne or Sydney to stay at your Main Beach house, for example, then you'll notice the difference in lifestyle immediately.

Main Beach is also great for in the winter months, when a bit of retail therapy never goes astray. Although we're sure you'll get the most use out of it in the summer when the mean temperatures here are up around the 28 degree Celsius mark, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. That's perfect for sunbathing, swimming and boating – maybe all from your very own floating dry-dock?

3) St Kilda, Victoria

The quirky seaside town of St Kilda is perfect for art-lovers, fashionistas and Formula One lovers to name just a few, and the coastal lifestyle just south of the Melbourne CBD might just be the one to suit you and your family.

Residex states that the median house price is $1,323,000 in St Kilda, but houses can go for around $2,664,183 on Redan Street, so no matter what your price range is, there will surely be something for everyone here. The Melbourne Grand Prix is run every year just before Easter as well, and rising crowd favourite and Aussie superstar Daniel Ricciardo could be one to watch in 2017. You could scoot into the city on a train for a night out at the Melbourne International Singers Festival in June or the Queen Victoria Markets that run most night between July and December too, so you'll always have something to do.

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These are just three of the best holiday home suburbs on the east coast, and the buying specialists at Cohen Handler can help you to make your holiday-making dreams a reality with the help of a buyer's agent.

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