How's your home decor looking?

Home decor – achieving a beautiful space

Take a look around your current residence and take particular note of the home decor you have put in the various spaces, does it excite you? If you answered yes, congratulations! You've managed to style your home in a way that suits your personality. Could you improve upon that?

If you did answer no, however, it might be time to think about redecorating and getting the most out of the spaces you have available. The home itself might be the problem, and perhaps packing up and moving on is the first step on the path, and a Cohen Handler buyer's agent is going to be on hand to find a home that really suits you and your home decor dreams right down to the ground.

Making sure you have a space (without any furniture or additions to it) that attracts you is the most important part about decorating. If you're just trying to patch over a boring room with exciting art and funky couches, you won't get far. But if you walk into a room and are instantly in a whole different world, that's a good sign that you're inside the right property. Once you've found that, the tips below are going to help you to make it your own, and keep it that way.

Why is home decor so important?

Giving yourself a resort-style escape in the bedroom will make it all the more peaceful.

We spend so much time in our homes that it's really important to make them feel interesting and comfortable in all areas. The bedroom is the place we probably are inside of the most, even if we don't realise it at 2 o'clock in the morning! Giving yourself a lovely resort-style escape in the bedroom will help to make it all the more peaceful.

The same goes for the lounge – that's where you can put your feet up and read the newspaper, or watch the news and sports highlights from over the weekend. If you're into movies or live matches, that's another great place to have some time, and inviting friends over will make that even more enjoyable. IBISWorld reports that the furniture retailing industry in Australia is worth $8 billion in annual revenue, which just goes to show how important we think having the right furniture and decorations around our home is.

Home decor doesn't just stop at furniture and bedding, however. It includes the way you structure your organisational areas and even the artwork you choose to put up around the place.

So, with the cogs turning now, how are you going to redecorate your bedroom and lounge spaces to suit your style down to the ground?

Start with simplicity

De-cluttering your home is a great place to begin this home decor journey, and as hard as it can be to get rid of all the magazines and old clothes you might have crammed away "just in case", you'll notice the positive effects as soon as you throw them all out. Having clear areas, especially on your floors and desks, can bring you a lot of peace.

Home decor doesn't just stop at the aesthetic.

Once that's sorted out, add in some greenery. Houzz Australia recommends this, because plants and ferns are natural air filters as well as being interesting to look at. They'll clean the air you breathe and give off a fresh scent, which is important for maintaining tranquility. Home decor doesn't just stop at the aesthetic.

Another way to freshen up the interior of your home is with interesting options for temperature control.

One of the more modern and fresh ways to do this is with a gas fireplace. These are easy to use and always look great. They have a controlled flame so you can rest assured they won't spit out and ruin a precious rug or wall. Installing an open one in the middle of a marble table in the lounge room is a funky twist on a campfire, and will stand out as a memorable and gorgeous point of difference.

By adding a little Feng Shui to your home decor choices and placement, you'll be able to channel an ancient practice that helps to promote good energy flow and will make your spaces feel peaceful and engaging. Once you've achieved comfort with these changes to organisation, indoor plant life and heating, the next two stages will come naturally!

Lighting up your best features

Good lighting can be so much more than just having bright enough bulbs or downlights to make sure all of your smart decor choices are illuminated sufficiently. Adding in some mood lighting is a great way to make a space more romantic or even just more manageable late at night.

Nobody wants to be sitting around a dinner table in the late stages of an evening with full-blast lights beaming down on them – dimmers can make this significantly more pleasant. According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, good lighting choices is also a great step towards an environmentally friendly home.

And that's just the beginning. Funky lamps and stands are simple ways to add features to an otherwise plain room while staying on the practical side of decorating. Think wood is the way to go? There are plenty of amazing woodworks around that use lighting and clever physics to create fabulous works to act as a reading light or to add to a deep mood on a rainy day.

You can also make your landscaping pop with outdoor lights. If you're wanting to spend a lot more time outside, make sure you're always able to see the beautiful surrounds of your garden.

Having recently bought a property in the northern beaches of Sydney that has a spectacular garden, with the help of a buyer's agent, you'll want to be able to see it from every room in your house no matter the time of day. Strategically place upward-facing lights around your property to create amazing shadows on trees and bring bright flowers to life.

Having your exterior match your interior is also a great way to create flow through to your deck or patio. Have large splashes of colour inside? Add in a cushion or couch in the same hue and tie the entire decor together. Simple.

Art for the bold

The final major step for creating an exciting and personal decor around your home, inside and outside, is picking the right art for you.

Houzz Australia recommends going for pieces that fascinate you. It doesn't matter if you choose art from a completely unknown designer, or even if you create it yourself, but making sure it works for you is the most important factor.

Colour is probably first and foremost in the art world, so don't pull your punches here. If you want to have a bright pink painting in the middle of your bedroom wall, go for it. If marble busts are more your style, take a punt and find a place for it. Even rugs can help to tie a room together, so don't disregard floor coverings. If you have a lot of extra room on a coffee table or bookshelf, take advantage of it and add in some quirky little sculptures or photos. There's nothing like a lovely family photo to create warmth in a room.

Creating your dream home decor can start with moving into a house that actually suits your style. Once you've ticked that off the list, the above steps will seem much simpler. And more enjoyable. Contact Cohen Handler today to start that process with your best foot forward.

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