How long have you been waiting to get into your dream house?

Have you been looking for a long time without success?


Starting your property buying journey is often thought of as the hardest part of the process. However, those who have experienced buying before will know that one of the toughest things to go through is the point where you find a beautiful home that matches exactly what you’re after, only to be turned away or caught up in a bidding war that prices you out of the market.

For many buyers, that isn’t a one-off occurrence either. It can happen many times in one property purchasing quest, and it can be demoralising. But people shouldn’t be discouraged from getting onto the property ladder. It’s one of the most stable places to invest money, and you can get so much out of it. The potential for capital gains is extraordinary.

Just what can you expect from a property purchase?

The CoreLogic RP Data Pain and Gain Report from December 2015 shows how many homes make money for those who sell them, and the figures speak for themselves.

In Sydney, a whopping 98 per cent of the homes sold last year returned capital gains, and the median amount for these in the CBD was $354,000. That’s an impressive, and attractive, figure that should make people yearn for a home of their own. A buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler can make the whole process much simpler, and their market knowledge and relationships will take a significant amount of time out of your waiting.

The amount of time it takes for people to buy shouldn’t discourage anyone from making the next step onto the property ladder, even if it’s the first one. All you have to do is say “buy my house” to one of the specialists at Cohen Handler, and it’ll happen. After all, buyer’s agents are legally required to work only in your favour, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll be moving into a fabulous home in next to no time.

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