From the buyers : Home buyers share their experiences

Being fed up with the long search process, not understanding the ins and outs of how to secure a property or feeling a time pressure to buy are some of the reasons compelling home buyers to seek out Cohen Handler for their expertise.  Having a buyer’s agent, who is working for you, can make a monumental difference when purchasing your dream home.

“Not many people are represented as buyers, where as the vendors are represented by agents so as a buyer you’re having to deal with agents all the time and I felt like I was swimming with sharks. We would get misled by price, size of property the list goes on so using Cohen Handler, they really did save us time, money and frustration.”


Cohen Handler agents gives buyers a competitive advantage by having connections in the industry and access to off-market properties.

“Cohen Handler and Simon’s responsiveness communication was outstanding showing me off-market properties. I saw a range of off-market properties and that was really important to me and we ended up buying one of those.”


The transaction Cohen Handler facilitates is prompt and smooth which is integral in this competitive market enabling buyers to get the house they want.

“I think the most important aspect was the speed of execution so from the time of seeing the property to actually executing and exchanging was less than 48 hours and i think speed in this market is absolutely critical and the guys just absolutely drove a really slick and seamless execution process.”


Associates at Cohen Handler exercise their experience and understanding of marketplace workings, which is crucial to obtaining the perfect property in a timely manner.

“We thought we could do everything ourselves, had a week to go before the auction and had no idea how to secure the property. We were referred to Simon and Ben from Cohen Handler who basically got it for us at a great price took the stress away and they was wonderful.”

“To have someone working for you that’s got your best interests at heart and actually knows values and can guide you I think its very important to have.”

“We are very enthusiastic about their services because we believe that it’s basically something that makes sense. They make sense. You need Cohen Handler.”


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