First Home Buyer Reviews Cohen Handler

First Home Buyer Says Having Buyers Agent Is Crucial

Getting your foot in the property market is always the hardest. Many first home buyers lack knowledge of the planning and buying process, not to mention the property market itself.

This dangerous combination of unanswered questions contributing to the already overwhelming process, sees first home buyers tempted to either just go with the first home that falls in their price range or even continue to rent.

To demystify the process, with the right advice from the right team, the process can be made an exciting experience. Granted first home buyers are used to getting plenty of advice, those outdated househunting tips just won’t cut it anymore.

In today’s hot property market, turning to property experts like buyers’ agency Cohen Handler will no doubt help you get a leg up on the property ladder.

Sam Saad, a property solicitor having househunted for two years, talks about his experience with Cohen Handler and how we were able to get his foot in the property market.

“I see from a solicitor’s side of things that it is pretty tough for a buyer’s side to auction as their costs are going up. Seeing it from that perspective and how Cohen Handler has helped a few of my clients, it was beneficial to see what their services were about from the inside.”

Sam was exposed to a plethora of property services Cohen Handler specialised in – buyer’s agency, property investment, property management, auction bidding, and buyer’s advisory; all conducted placing the client’s interests first and foremost. He knew engaging Cohen Handler was the best way forward to pursuing his property dreams.

“Doing what I do being a solicitor, it’s quite timely for me… attending auction after auction every week, a lot of time was saved by engaging Cohen Handler.”

Sam commends Cohen Handler’s efficiency in the real estate buying process and streamlining everything to ensure simplicity and a quick turnaround for him.

“They sent me a list of properties almost every day or second day as to the ones that would suit my preference. I probably should have done it earlier because I’ve wasted two years going to auctions. I was ecstatic when I got the property; the first one is always the hardest. I’m sure I’ll be reinvesting with them again.”

Having a qualified, experienced and skilled Cohen Handler buyer’s agent on board your property journey will ensure all your property questions are answered. Some say your first home doesn’t have to be your dream home, but we know better than that. Contact us today to do your househunting homework and experience a peace of mind when we secure your first dream home.

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