Exciting time to buy property

As we shift into the New Year we believe it is a very exciting time to capitalise on great buying opportunities across Sydney. There is a combination of vendors who just want a quick sale and to cash out, also real estate agents who just want to get the deal done so they can have some time off. There are many of our buyers agents at Cohen Handler who are securing very opportunistic deals for their clients for both investment and primary residence. We very much believe that November through to end of January presents the best time to buy property in Sydney.

People are typically complacent at the end of the year so why not be in a position to secure great opportunities. Don’t follow the herd and wait until February 2014 to get back in the marketplace, place your finger on the pulse now and be ready to transact. Buyers agents should all be using this time to achieve fantastic outcomes for their clients, especially for investment purposes due to the softening of the purchase price helping the yield go north.

For everyone looking to buy, keep your eyes open and don’t get complacent as we move into the new year.

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