Customer Testimonial from First Home Buyer

Buying your first home is an overwhelming and daunting process without the right support. It is both an exciting and nerve-racking decision requiring substantial research and planning, careful budgeting, and understanding of processes you probably did not know existed.

So where do you start? How do you get your foot into the property market? What is the right property for me?

These are common questions first home buyers often ask but don’t have answers to. Having the right team on board can make all the difference and ease the stress. First home buyer Victoria Lewis talks about her buying experience with Cohen Handler and how we were able to get her dream property.




Victoria had moved to Australia two and a half years ago and shortly after, fell in love with the land down under and started the house hunting process with her fiancé. Being highly uneducated of the Australian property market, Victoria remembers,

“We were lost and didn’t know what to do, where to live or even where to start. This wasn’t just our first property in Australia, but our first property together as a couple.”

Her need for guidance and advice saw her turning to Cohen Handler for the ultimate property buying experience.

“For the first meeting, I felt comfortable and relaxed. I was with a real person I could talk to, relate to, and actually get the answers and feedback I needed” notes Victoria. “My fiancé and I walked away from the first meeting and knew this was what we needed to do.”

Victoria knew it was our goal to making the real estate process simple and rewarding for her. We were focused on her demands, giving her the investment edge she needed to get her dream property.

“110% of the costs were worth it… we finally had the support from start to finish. When we had our first meet up, we suggested areas but we had no idea where to put our money or where would be best to go. The guidance from the team helped us understand what area was best, what suited our budget, and the criteria we had given to the team.”

The team at Cohen Handler are committed to ensure first home buyers are not stuck in difficult situations like most will face. Having a passionate team of agents who know the maze of the property market inside out and all the “secrets” to the best purchase will offer any buyer a peace of mind.

“Anybody I speak to about buying property, you need to have these people on board. It makes sense, whether you have bought three properties or it’s your first one; it is invaluable.”

Turn your dream into a reality now. Contact the Buyer’s Agents at Cohen Handler to find out how to purchase your dream property.

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