Connor McGregor’s Influence on the Eastern Suburbs Property Market

Cohen Handler Buyer’s Agent and our resident fight expert Riki Tawhara considers what impact the historic fight between Floyd MayWeather and Connor McGregor will have for property buyers this weekend.

This week the biggest fight in history is about to take place in Las Vegas between 40-year-old undefeated welterweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Irishman Connor McGregor, a star of mixed martial arts.

So what impact will this monumental boxing match have on the Eastern Suburbs property market I hear you ask. More opportunities  than you might first imagine…

  • Let’s start with the fact that 4.3 per cent of Sydney’s population, or 175,000 Sydney residents are originally from the United Kingdom, with a significant amount of that population residing in Sydney’s East. McGregor has somewhat of a cult following with UK fans so heading into open inspections and auctions this weekend you can be confident in the knowledge that there is a good chance you won’t be competing against any UK expats.
  • McGregor’s popularity is largely due to the fact that only four years ago he was collecting social welfare back in Dublin, and now he is fighting in what is being hailed as the biggest match in history – he is unquestionably a working class hero. Real Estate agents in Sydney’s East are some of the best in the country, yet also some of the most competitive. The top agents have all had to work incredibly hard to achieve their success, and continue to work that way to remain at the top-of-the-game. So you will find there is a very large Connor McGregor fan base among them, due to the fact that they can relate to his work ethic, and now his lifestyle. Use this to your advantage! Mention McGregor’s name in glowing terms to build rapport during negotiations or inspections. And don’t be shy to attend opens with your newly acquired Irish flag!

Should Connor lose the fight, then next week the consequences for property buyers could be drastic – UK fans won’t be nursing a celebratory extended hangover so will be back at the open inspections in force, and real estate agent will not be open to cheerful sporting banter. So if you are in a position to make a move on a property in the East this week before the fight, you have a better chance of negotiating with an excited agent, as opposed to a disappointed one.

Cohen Handler has an expert team of buyer’s agents covering the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. If you are looking to make a knockout purchase on the right property at the right price, contact us today.

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