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The Most Creative Client Testimonial Of 2015

We asked one of our clients if they’d be interested in doing a video testimonial for us, and he said he’d love to do that – he was so happy with Elaine Davies, his buyer’s agent that he decided he would write us a script to tell us how this video should go, applying some of his real world skills to our video shoot. And it gives us a great idea of what it was like for our client to work with his buyer’s agent, Elaine.

(This is probably one of the best testimonials we’ve seen all year – and definitely the most creative one)

Here is the script of the video testimonial – written by a client with his view of how the testimonial should go


Scene:  a room. 2 people are seated at a coffee table/. On the table are documents relating to the recent purchase of a property. The woman is smartly dressed and obviously in a cheerful mood. The man is slightly less smartly dressed and looks glum.

Throughout the scene, the woman tries to maintain a positive attitude. The man steadfastly remains sad until the last line.

SHE       ….. Well, there we are. It’s all over and you have what you wanted. Now life can return to normal. A property in Sydney and enough money left over to buy me a nice dinner!!!!

HE         Hmmm… yeah.

SHE       What do you mean “hmmm…. Yeah” Aren’t you happy?

HE         (Reluctantly) Ummm…. Yeah.

SHE       I can’t believe you. You have been at this for months and now you have success and you are giving a very good impression of a man whose pet ferret has died. Why so miserable? What gives?

HE         (Gently forcefully) Yes

SHE       What do mean (mimicking his tone) ‘Yes!’?

HE         (In a tone of voice that is trying to express a feeling that is evading his ability to convey his mood accurately) Well, you know, I am a bit miserable, I’m happy but I’m sad it’s over.

SHE       Of course it’s over. The property is yours. No more searching the papers and the internet. No more traipsing off to see places you wouldn’t live in in a fit. I was about to send you an email telling you that you had become a property boor and that I didn’t want to see you again until you had bought a place or decided to rent for another year.

HE         (With a little anger and frustration)  Do you think I enjoyed this search? It was agony. This is a very difficult place to get what you want at a price that is half reasonable.

SHE       Well now you have. I can see that you aren’t ecstatic but surely you are happy.

HE         Ummmm… yeah

SHE       Not “ummmm”  again. What is wrong with you?. You got a property in the area you wanted, you were able get it at a price you have admitted to me was reasonable, Cohen Handler’s fee was not at all excessive and since you engaged them the whole process has been much less painful. They filtered out all the unsuitable properties and took you to those places that met your criteria (which I must say were pretty darned demanding). Right?

HE         Errrrr……yeah.

SHE       I just don’t understand you. They ticked the boxes, you got the property  and you sit there like with a face as long as a cricket pitch. For heaven’s sake why?

HE         The fun is over.

SHE       Fun ?? (with rising pitch) FUN ?? What fun?? What fun is over? I thought you hated looking for a property in central Sydney.

HE         Well yes. (pause) Yes I did.  I mean I did hate it when I was going through the usual channels of the weekend papers and the popular internet sites. That I hated. Hated, hated, hated it.

SHE       Well where is the FUN?

HE         (Vaguely at first and with slowly increasing enthusiasm)  Oh well.  ……….It was fun with the buyer’s agent. That was fun.  Well not really fun, not “fun-fun” but a lot more fun than when I was doing it on my own. Yeah, it was a lot more fun and a lot  less hassle after you told me to ring those Cohen Handler people.

SHE       You moron. I told you right from the start of this you should call them, but no, no…. You were determined to do it all by yourself. Well Mr Smartypants Independent Property Tycoon, I have no sympathy for self-inflicted pain.

HE         Well, three cheers for clever you!! OK, OK it worked and I blew a few weeks doing my own thing. It was educational. I enjoyed wasting time. So tell me, what do I do now the fun is over?

SHE       I don’t know. Enjoy your purchase. You weren’t very clever at first but with the right help you have a property you are thrilled about, in the area you wanted, at a price you can live with and you can still take me out for dinner. That’s the least I deserve for recommending Cohen Handler.

HE         (Brightening) I know what I’ll do. I had so much fun with whatshername from that agency you told me about, I’ll buy another one.

SHE       (In stunned amazement) Another one?!! You are mad. How are you going to do that.

HE         (Grinning) I’ll use your money next time.

Fade out as she strikes him with a cushion and he cries for help


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