Choosing the right suburb for your family

Family Friendly suburbs are generally located close to large shopping hubs and supermarkets. They also tend to have good transport infrastructure for kids travelling to and from school.

Although the exact needs of each and every family slightly differ from one another, there are some crucial elements that you will need to take into account in order to determine its family friendliness before taking the plunge and moving into a new neighbourhood. These elements are:

  • Preschools and schools
  • Local shopping
  • Public transport

Here at Cohen Handler, we understand that the real estate market in Australia is highly competitive nationwide, highlighting the need for the interests of the buyer to be protected more vigorously than ever with experienced professionals. After careful consideration, we have selected the following 5 suburbs which meet the essential elements required for a family friendly suburb.

Familiar Suburbs-01
Familiar Suburbs-05 Familiar Suburbs-04 Familiar Suburbs-03 Familiar Suburbs-02

Familiar Suburbs-06-07

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