4BC First Home Buyers

CEO Ben Handler provides advice for first home buyers. Here at Cohen Handler, we have a designated program to help first home buyers, and that’s really about formulating this plan to actually understand are your expectations realistic, and that’s a mission critical number one. Can you actually afford to be in this area, and if

Felix Taing shares his opinion on livability and the Western Suburbs

Felix Taing shares his insights on livability in the Western Suburbs in an article on Domain: Further out west, Penrith secured a spot in the top 200 suburbs of the 555 on the list and is expected to rank more highly in future, Cohen Handler associate Felix Taing said. “With major upgrades to Penrith Lake on

CEO Ben Handler features in an article in Domain

Ben Handler features in an article in Domain, sharing his insights on inner city warehouses “They’re usually edgy people who want to live in a different way to everyone else,” says Ben Handler of Sydney buyers’ agency Cohen Handler. “Often, they’ve lived in New York and London, and these homes remind them of that. “And as they become more

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