Meet Derek Henderson

Click to subscribe Aside from his innovative and distinct work in fashion photography, acclaimed artist Derek Henderson also exhibits work as part of his fine-arts practice both nationally and internationally. Throughout Henderson’s landscapes, there appears to be a removal of self, carved clean with the clarity of distance. The uniformity of focus across the frame

Meet Paul Blackmore

Click to subscribe Paul Blackmore is a Sydney based photographer whose many photo essays and stories have been published in such international media as Time, L’Express, Le Monde and Geo have established him as a much sought-after collectable photographer. Paul’s work is shared beyond the gallery through his books, such as his most recent title

Meet Murray Fredericks

  Click to subscribe Murray Fredericks is a photographer and visual artist working across landscape based projects in locations such as the Greenland Icecap and at Lake Eyre.  Working mostly alone in these vast, featureless locations, the projects run over many years. The resulting series convey both an internal and external experience of emptiness and

Is this the end of the dream home?

Real Estate Australia Blog, By Sarah Millar With the Australian property market showing no signs of slowing down, many Australian’s are becoming disillusioned and questioning whether they will ever be able to buy a home. Simon Cohen, Cohen Handler co-founder and Managing Director, tells Real Estate Australia Blog that the notion of the “dream home” isn’t

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