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North v East: How to find your ideal address

One of Sydney’s most common property dilemmas is whether to buy in the city’s Eastern Suburbs or on the North Shore. At Cohen Handler we’re often presented with client briefs that cover both areas, buyers that want to live in the north and in the east but can’t yet decide which location best suits their

How to make the most of Melbourne

   Melbourne has long worn the World’s Most Liveable City crown but, these days, it’s also becoming known as the capital of cool. And for good reason. The east-coast culture club is a labyrinth of laneway coffee shops, cult restaurants and rooftop bars, with a never-ending catalogue of food, wine and wellness boutiques giving the

Australia’s most pet friendly suburbs

Australia’s most pet friendly suburbs For many of us, a new home and a new suburb also has to be the perfect fit for our pets. As pet ownership continues to grow, more than 62 per cent of Australian households own a pet, according to the RSPCA, our furry friends will continue to play even

What to look for in a sustainable home

What to look for in a sustainable home Climate change and extreme weather events don’t immediately come to mind as factors that influence a decision to purchase a new house.  But as temperatures across Australia rise, the weather becomes more unpredictable and power costs continue to soar, more and more home buyers are seeking energy-efficient

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