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A better result for your family or your portfolio, without the stress and the compromise. At Cohen Handler, our role is ensuring your needs are thoroughly represented during the buying process. Whether you’re looking to grow your portfolio or settle down with your loved ones, we can help you secure the property you want in Brisbane.

Every relationship we have with a client begins with a deep understanding of their requirements, their goals and their circumstances, allowing us to tailor our services to their needs. A purpose driven buyer’s agency, we simplify and shorten the real estate process, delivering the results you need for a happier, wealthier life.


A collaborative approach to buyer’s advocacy with a proven track record of success

Choose a discerning, innovative and knowledgeable partner in your property search. At Cohen Handler, we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and attention to detail. Since founding, we’ve inspected more than 40,000 properties across Australia, doing the due diligence that delivers better results for our clients.

With more than half of all residential properties sold in the previous year never formally advertised, finding the real estate that will help grow your wealth and improve your quality of life frequently means going off-market. Through our deep network of contacts, Cohen Handler buyer’s advocates have access to thousands of off-market properties available through private treaty or sale, helping you go beyond the classifieds and find precisely what you’re looking for in your portfolio or your family. Those strong connections have allowed us to help our clients successfully acquire more than 1900 properties across the country – properties that may never be found via a conventional real estate agent.


Start your property journey with our buyer’s advocates

Take a confident first step towards your new property with Cohen Handler. Contact our buyer’s agents today on 1300 420 160 and find out how we could shorten, straighten and smooth the road to your next purchase.

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