Forget the conventional ways of buying property, there’s another way to search and it doesn’t require trawling through an online property portal. While many buyers will flip through their local paper or glance in the windows of a real estate agency in the area they’d like to buy, they’re ultimately casting an eye over the

Use Michael Connolly as your area specialist

When I bought my first unit in Surry Hills I found the process nerve-racking but also incredibly exciting. I was one of the first of my friends to purchase property and looking back on it now that first purchase was an incredible learning experience and one the best financial decisions of my life.   I

How a buyer’s agent can save you money

How you can save money with a buyer’s agent representing you Everyone jumps at the chance to save a buck, whether it’s on clothing, health insurance or a bargain buy at the grocery store. So why should buying property be any different? There are so many advantages to bringing on the services of a buyer’s agent,

I want my life back

House hunting? I want my life back!   Committing yourself to buying a property is almost like taking on a second full-time job. It can be so exciting at first. Getting to inspect some great properties, figuring out what you do or don’t want in a home, and picking up some valuable knowledge about the

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