I was hooked on Luxe Listings Sydney from the opening line of “Oh My God, Is This Place For Real?” Long a fan of Million Dollar Listing New York, I’d always wondered when someone would cotton on to the obvious appeal of showcasing some of Sydney’s amazing harbourside homes with iconic views to the world.

Amazon New show “Luxe Listings” starring Simon Cohen

HAILEY COULES EDITORIAL PRODUCER  JUN 10, 2021   We all love to have a good sticky beak at homes of the rich and famous. The upper echelons of society are well-known for keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to transacting property. Viewers are getting a chance to see Australia’s best homes,

Escaping the Hustle & Bustle: From the Inner City to the Country

We’re swiftly approaching seven months under varying lockdown restrictions across Australia, while we continue to endure this global pandemic. With economic and social repercussions turning our lives upside down, many have been forced to rethink what is important in daily life. No longer is the phrase ‘location, location, location’ so relevant when looking at properties

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