Top buyer’s tips for 2020

  The unusual conditions of the property market at the start of 2020, offer both a myriad of challenges and opportunities for prospective buyers. Record low interest rates, low stock levels, strong demand, high clearance rates and growing positive consumer sentiment have combined to create a market that has defied doomsday expectations and rebounded far

End of 2019 Market Report

An ideal climate for a market recovery Buyers waiting for the perfect price window to purchase their next property should think twice about sitting on the fence. Recent industry data shows home values across the capital cities continue to rise, and market conditions are creating an ideal climate for a real estate recovery. The end

A guide to buyer’s agents and their fees, part II

Questions about buyer’s agents’ fees form a key part of initial talks between agents and their potential clients. It’s a very important conversation, and one on which the trust between the agent and their client is based. As a client you need to understand how the fee is structured, and what services will be provided.

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