Take back your time from the property buying process.

Are you being held back due to a lack of time and a busy schedule?


Buying property is something that you can’t just walk down to the shops to snap up. It takes time and effort, and can cost a lot of money – and time, for that matter, which can often be much more valuable.

Do you want to buy a property of your own, but don’t have enough time available to do the right amount of research? It might even be that you don’t have a free space in your weekly schedule to talk to your mortgage broker about what you can afford, and this is making you think you can’t take the first step toward selling and moving into your dream home.

What do you need to do to get your property purchasing underway?

Well, to start with, employing a buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler to do the market research for you can take the legwork out of the process.

“Treat buying property like the assignment it needs to be,” said Jacque Parker, ex-president of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia, to Canstar.

“Set your goals, ensure they are realistic, decide on a target date, formulate a schedule, employ a strategy and stick to the plan. Many people jump straight in, looking at property online and going to inspections without really thinking through what it is they are trying to achieve out of a property. You need to clarify your goals before you can decide what it is you should be looking for.”CommBank’s Your Guide to Buying a New Home also sets out the five key steps – research, budgeting, choosing a home loan, buying and managing the repayments. A buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler can aid you in simplifying that process a significant amount, by helping you with the first four stages. The repayment process is yours to focus on then, but you could be doing so from the house you’ve always wanted.

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