What will your first investment property look like?

Are you an investor who wants to build a portfolio?


Investing in property is a brilliant goal to have. The housing market isn’t subject to the same kind of extreme fluctuations as stocks and shares can be, and they often aren’t as reactive in their changes of value.

Property also tends to go through a seven-year cycle of peaks and troughs, ultimately resulting in, hopefully, capital gains at the other end.

What sort of property should you invest in?

Houses in particular are fantastic for investment options as you can use the rent payments you get from tenants to pay monthly mortgage fees. This can take a lot of pressure off any existing income, so you’ll still be able to use the money you earn as you normally would. Simple.

Taking that first step and turning over the page in a property portfolio can be difficult to work yourself up for, however. There’s such a huge range of possible options out there, on- and off-market, and without the right research or advice, you won’t know what you’re getting yourself in for. This can be a real pain point for many hopeful investors, and it shouldn’t serve to put people off at all.

A great place to start is the way different regions are performing, and who is favoured most. For example, the CommBank-CoreLogic RP Data Home Buyers Index assigns a rating to each of the major regions, where a 5 shows an extreme seller’s market, and a 1 an extreme buyer’s market. As of October last year, only Brisbane, Hobart and Darwin favoured buyers, so looking to invest in these places might be a good start.

That doesn’t lock the door on other cities, though; your buyer’s agent will know how to get the best deal even in a seller’s market.

A buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler can give you more in-depth advice about getting into the best property for investment purposes than you could poke a stick at. Unlock their wealth of information for yourself, and start your property buying journey on the right foot.

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