Modern design trends could help make your home more comfortable.

4 exciting modern trends in luxury homes

As you prepare to leave for work, you tap a couple buttons in a smartphone application that automatically connects to your home's Wi-Fi, turning on your heat pump. When you arrive home later on, you tap your smartphone again and, your front door unlocks and lights throughout the house turn on.

You quickly whip up dinner on an induction hob that heats up instantly and isn't hot to the touch, before retiring to your living room. Raw materials dominate your homes decor, with dark woods and concrete that's all sourced sustainably. Plans for the night include sinking deep into your plush couch and finishing your book in the serene and relaxing surrounds of your completely tech-free living room.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Let's have a look at the modern trends in luxury homes, and find out how this dream can be your reality with the help of a buyer's agent.

These features can help create a hassle-free environment, promoting relaxation.

Smart homes

Alongside traditional wiring and technology, smart homes include network setups that can rival the technology behind the scenes in large public and commercial buildings, according to Samsung.

The network can connect all of your gadgets and technology via Wi-Fi, allowing them to be turned on remotely or automatically for your comfort and convenience. With a fully connected smart home, you can start running a bath as you commute home, set heating systems to automatically react to outside temperatures and even keep your family safer.

Your smart home and digital locks record each family member's unique access chip, allowing it to react and alert the authorities if someone without a chip is attempting to open your doors. According to a University of New South Wales study, these features can help to create a hassle-free environment promoting relaxation. Such setups are fitted inside a home's walls, cavities and roof, making it difficult and expensive to install in your existing home. Instead, it's better to enlist the assistance of a property buyer's agent, who can find you the perfect smart home for your needs.

As you can see, there are countless benefits to having a high-tech home, but what about when all that technology becomes a bit too much?

Tech-free living rooms

In the two minutes it's taken you to read this, up to 10,000 people have downloaded Pokemon Go, as reported by the App Institute. If you're a player, you'll no doubt be glued to your screen, but if not you'll be wondering what's wrong with everyone as they stumble around catching imaginary creatures in public.

Combine this with 40 hours staring at a screen at work, and you may be experiencing technology overload. While a smart system is a fantastic addition, it can help with relaxation and down-time to have completely tech-free areas in your home as well. Recent trends in luxury homes have been to forego all technology in the living room, instead including luxurious furnishings, stacks of books and relaxing views (where possible).

This transforms your common space from a smartphone infested TV room, into a Pokemon-free relaxation area. The perfect place to unwind after a hard week working (or catching em' all).

If you've got little ones running around while you cook, you may want to consider an induction hob.

Niche appliances

For so long, kitchens around Australia have been exactly the same. Recent trends indicate this is no longer the case, with the rise of niche appliances coming to the forefront of modern kitchens.

If you've got little ones running around while you cook, you may want to consider an induction hob. This technology generates heat in the base of the pan or pot, meaning that no energy is lost and the area around the hob isn't heated, making it safer for children.

Perhaps you're a caffeine connoisseur, and an in-built coffee machine may help you rise in the morning. These beauties can be built into your kitchen just like your oven, and can include cup sensors so that all you need to do is grab a mug and you'll have a hot brew within seconds.

Several trend-setting homes on the market in big cities already include such convenient appliances. If you're looking to buy property in Sydney or Melbourne, you should be able to easily find such a home with a little help from a buyer's agent. 

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Sustainable design

A recent report by the National Sustainability Council has emphasised the importance of sustainability, revealing the reasons behind the trend. At base, it comes down to leaving the country as we found it for future generations, using sustainable materials and practices in our everyday lives.

The evidence of this trend can be seen throughout luxury homes in Australia, as they use raw, chemical-free materials to build, furnish and decorate.

It can be difficult to find the perfect abode, especially when searching for niche or modern features. In fact according to Canstar it takes on average 6 months, for Aussies to find the right property and make an offer. Instead of wasting months searching for the perfect real estate, get in touch with a licensed buyer's agent at Cohen Handler. We're legally obligated to act in your best interest and have extensive market knowledge – you'll be enjoying a modern home with none of the hassle, in less than half the time. 

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