12 Hot Cities to Invest in Real Estate

According to the Candy GPS Report Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Miami, Chicago, Dublin, Panama City, Beirut, Istanbul, Cape Town, Jakarta, Lagos and Chennai have been highlighted as extremely attractive cities (or Rising Stars) for real estate investors looking for alternatives with strong price growth in the coming years.

Investing in Melbourne Property Market

‘Melbourne is one of the most highly developed and high-functioning cities in [the] list. An important financial centre in the Oceania region, it has strong claims to world city status but a very strong rival in its more prominent neighbour: [Sydney]… it has a strong tech and R&D sector which positions it well for future economic development and prosperity. Given its premier status and the strength of the Australian economy in recent years, it has one of the highest priced real estate markets of our cities but would provide strong “safe haven” status and is likely to become more heavily invested under Australia’s “Golden visa” scheme.’ (Source: www.deawm.com)


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